Reno Rabbit Rescue Tributes


This year, 2016, is the tenth anniversary of the Reno, NV. rabbit rescue in 2006.  I have asked several people to write about their experiences of working with and love for this extraordinary group of rabbits of over a thousand in number.

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If you are one of those that gave your time and heart to these rabbits I would love to read and post your story.  Contact me: Debby.

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  1. I volunteered at Best Friends in 2013 and learned of the Reno Rabbits rescue. I played with and fed many of those remaining. I cannot even imagine the depths both emotionally and physically that the rabbits endured as well as the humans who participated in their rescue. I spoke with a young woman at Best Friends who was part of the rescue. She had scars up and down her forearms from handling all those scared rabbits. Her story was one of both sadness and incredible hope and happiness. I will never forget….

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