The new digital billboards for

New photo of the digital billboard now rotating through seven locations in Las Vegas, NV.!

  • Boulder Hwy
  • Flamingo and Arville
  • I-15 & Charleston
  • 215 & Jones
  • 215 & Rainbow
  • 95 & Jones
  • I-15 & Sahara

I would like to give a big shout out of thanks to Jeremiah Morris, Marketing & Digital Media Manager in Las Vegas for Clear Channel Outdoor RADAR.  The bunnies are sending high fives too!  Debby

Teespring Fundraiser has been relaunched!


The campaign has been relaunched! PLEASE purchase a tee-shirt or sweatshirt to help out the rabbits. By the way, they are really cool!

Each day domestic pet rabbits are abandoned in “high kill” shelters or dumped on public property to fend for themselves. They live short lives, succumbing to predators, traffic and disease.   We have re-launched this fun fundraiser  and the profits from t-shirts sold will be used to raise awareness of their plight by placing signs/billboards in areas where rabbits are in crisis.

Click here!


dontdumprabbits DIGITAL billboards in Las Vegas, NV

Look for !! Starting APRIL 4th the billboard will be live in one of seven locations. The digital board will be up for a time period and then rotate to the next location. I don’t know which location will be the first, second etc. If any of you Las Vegas folks see one please send me a photo. Thank you Maria Perez of the LV-House Rabbit Society for your great work on getting the digital boards up as well as our first printed billboard!!
Digital board locations: 215 & Rainbow, 1-15 & Sahara, 95 & Jones, 215 & Jones, I-15 & Charleston, Flamingo & Arville, I 515 & Boulder Hwy. I will send the person that sends the first photo of the digital board & location one of my origami rabbit ornaments!!
Thanks, please share and follow. Debby