Run Away, Run Away!!!

There were times during my twenty plus years in animal rescue, (mostly with rabbits), that I have felt like running away and fast too! I am betting that many of you have found yourself at that same crossroad while traversing a path filled with passion, frustration, physical exhaustion, fulfillment and tears of joy and grief.

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Supplier notes

The PVC coated wire is a must for rabbit enclosures, the urine can rust out even the high grade hardware cloth or chicken wire.  Its easy to work with and it can be laid down on top of grass.  Chain link is also an option but its not as secure, or as easy to work with, the mesh is too wide.

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Great Rabbit Homes on Pinterest

Thought these ideas for rabbit homes worth sharing.  There are some fantastic ideas, some elaborate, others simple, indoor and outdoor rabbitats.  Everything for the pampered indoor rabbit and for those “community” groups that would prefer to live out their lives with their friends in a safe and enriching environment.  Debby