Don’t Dump Rabbits is in Bunny Mad Magazine!

I am proud to say that Bunny Mad Magazine from the UK has published a short article I wrote about rabbit rescue! Please check it out on the Don’t Dump Rabbits website and Facebook page. Bunny Mad is a quarterly full color, glossy, beautifully laid out magazine filled with everything that is informative and fun about rabbits. I love this magazine.

The website is:


Hooray for the bunnies and thank you Lisa Hodgson, Editor of Bunny Mad.

Read the article Here.


What do rabbits see?

Many house rabbit “parents” are curious to know what the world looks like to their lagomorph companion. Why does it seem difficult for my bunny to find food right in front of his face? Why is my bunny so easily startled or frightened if I walk into the room holding a box or a grocery bag? Can my rabbit see colors?

Read it here.