After twenty-eight months, start to finishing the brochure, my R.A.I.S.E art installation is complete.  Now what? I am hoping to have the installation shown to benefit rabbits and educate people.  The details about where, how to, who etc. will be worked out as inquiries and requests come in and we will see where it goes! Please help me share the work. Debby

See the brochure here.

8 thoughts on “R.A.I.S.E.

  1. I absolutely love the origami rabbit art! I was recently at Hiroshima Japan, where origami paper chains are sent by school children from across the world to remember those lost in the nuclear bombing. The impact of standing beside them is incredible and very emotional. To be able to stand beside your art and visually see 1250 bunnies will bring the same emotions. I would like to invite you to share your artwork with Midwest BunFest. Our event is Sept 17. We have a very large venue this year and it would showcase beautifully. I don’t know if it would be worth the trouble to bring it here for only one weekend. We do not have room in our facility to display it for a period of time. Wherever you decide to display, please share the info with me. I want to stand beside it and feel the beauty and emotion it holds. Adrienne Lang Ohio House Rabbit Rescue volunteer.

  2. ‘the magic that is the rabbit’ This phase really struck me. For us we know what it means, but might raise questions from others which can peak exploration concerning what is so magical about rabbits leading to an education opportunity.

    I will speak to Dr. Combs about the art work being displayed at his office. He probably would agree since he is housing all the 30ish number of bunnies at his facility.

  3. Really an eye opener for the uninformed!! Why not contact places such as PETCO; Local and national Pet Rescue places or animal shelters. I would also think that a magazine such as National Geographic could show some interest.

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