Don’t Dump Rabbits, Las Vegas Update

This is a memorial poster for “Frances”, a lovely rabbit that was recently dumped at one of Las Vegas, NV.’s dumping sites for abandoned domestic rabbits.  The volunteers that come to feed, water and to help the seriously ill rabbits noticed her quickly as a newly dumped rabbit.  Being a new bunny on the block of a dumpsite where hundreds of rabbits are competing for sparse resources is even more life threatening when the rabbit is not a part of the established colony.  Frances was likely the last to get to eat the food left by volunteers.  She would not have been allowed to join others in burrows or places of relative safety in a place where few sites exists.  So many others in a strange unfriendly world competing for life.

Through the compassion of those doing their best to help the rabbits, Frances was brought to safety.  She was weak, dehydrated, frightened and close to death.  She tried to eat, live, but her body gave out and she left this world.  Frances deserved so much better.  We as the human species can do so much better.  Please, help the rabbits and those that risk their hearts to help them.

Visit: Rusty and Friends: Vegas Dumpsite Rabbits on Facebook. To donate to the veterinarian care of the LV rabbits: ❤ Debby