The Growing Crisis of Abandoned Domestic Rabbits
and How We Can Help.
by Lucile Moore with Debby Widolf

Our new book on rabbit rescue will be out later this spring 2019!  Lucile and I have combined our years of knowledge and experience with that of many others in rescue to create an information packed volume. Many people contributed to the book,  including Faith Maloney, a co-founder of Best Friends Animal Society, Dr. Linda R. Harper, internationally known speaker and author, Sorelle Saidman, an expert on colony rabbit rescue, and Nancy Furstinger, author of The Forgotten Rabbit.

Readers will find logically-organized sections on both large and individual rabbit rescue, and the book contains helpful information for both first-time rescuers and those with years of experience.  Lucile and I present both currently accepted and controversial or “outside the box” potential solutions to the abandoned rabbit crisis. We have Included many compelling true rescue stories that reveal the tragedy, challenges and triumph of rabbit rescue.