An “Aggressive” Rabbit Tail”

I saw a post from a rabbit rescue site asking for advice for an person that adopted a rabbit with an “aggression” problem.  Hopefully my thoughts will help others  that have a rabbit with similar challenges. 

Debby Widolf

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Staying Strong in Rescue

“Staying Strong in Rescue”, presentation by Debby Widolf at the House Rabbit Society’s National Conference in San Diego, 2017.

Hello, it is my hope that this talk will be helpful to those in animal rescue work, no matter what the species.  You are welcome to share my talk as a learning tool.  Thank you all in rescue and animal care and advocacy for your courage and dedication.


Rabbit Nutrition and Nutritional Healing - UPDATE

FREE DOWNLOAD: Rabbit Nutrition and Nutritional Healing, 3rd Edition, by Lucile Moore, PhD. This new edition contains updated information, new pieces by Kathy Smith, Debby Widolf and Lisa Hodgson, and additional illustrations by Evonne Vey. New topics include nutrition for young rabbits and for community rabbits.

Thank you Lucile Moore for your generosity of making your book available to us through This is a well researched and written book. A valuable resource for the rabbits we love.  Debby

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The Fatal Epidemic Of Animal Care Workers That No One Is Talking About

An important article about compassion fatigue.  This is an issue that can not be ignored for the animal care worker.  Linda Harper’s book: “The Power of Joy in Giving to Animals”, is a supportive guide to keeping your joy.  Please be kind to the animal care workers, from the vets to the rescuer’s that are working full time at another job.

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You are appreciated and loved.  Debby

What do rabbits see?

Many house rabbit “parents” are curious to know what the world looks like to their lagomorph companion. Why does it seem difficult for my bunny to find food right in front of his face? Why is my bunny so easily startled or frightened if I walk into the room holding a box or a grocery bag? Can my rabbit see colors?

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Yurts For Rabbits?

I would give this option for those wanting an economical, sturdy, safe housing for rabbits a “YES”! I have worked with several hundred rescued rabbits that lived in yurts and would recommend exploring this housing option described in the article.

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