Revised: Discarded Rabbits

A new revised edition of Discarded Rabbits is now available.  Due to a few formatting and spacing issues that crept in when fonts were imbedded we decided to correct those and take advantage of the opportunity to add three new pieces and new photos and artwork.  So if you haven’t bought a copy now would be a good time!

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Discarded Rabbits [Lucile Moore with Debby Widolf]

Discarded Rabbits: the Growing Crisis of Abandoned Rabbits and How We Can Help, by Lucile Moore with Debby Widolf, foreword by Michael Mountain. Available on, *FREE* shipping on qualifying orders. Discarded Rabbits is an invaluable handbook on rabbit rescue that is filled with helpful information for both first-time rescuers and those with years of experience. It is logically organized with separate sections on large-scale rescues and individual rescue.


The Growing Crisis of Abandoned Domestic Rabbits
and How We Can Help.
by Lucile Moore with Debby Widolf

Our new book on rabbit rescue will be out later this spring 2019!  Lucile and I have combined our years of knowledge and experience with that of many others in rescue to create an information packed volume. Many people contributed to the book,  including Faith Maloney, a co-founder of Best Friends Animal Society, Dr. Linda R. Harper, internationally known speaker and author, Sorelle Saidman, an expert on colony rabbit rescue, and Nancy Furstinger, author of The Forgotten Rabbit.

Readers will find logically-organized sections on both large and individual rabbit rescue, and the book contains helpful information for both first-time rescuers and those with years of experience.  Lucile and I present both currently accepted and controversial or “outside the box” potential solutions to the abandoned rabbit crisis. We have Included many compelling true rescue stories that reveal the tragedy, challenges and triumph of rabbit rescue.

City of Las Vegas New Pet Ordinance

Wanted to give a “shout out” to the city of Las Vegas, NV. for the new pet ordinance that was passed to require that all pets for sale, including rabbits, are now required to be spayed or neutered.  If the store or shelter does not provide the service a voucher must be provided and follow up is required to document that the surgery was done.

This is a big step forward for the city of Las Vegas to show that they are willing to help with the homeless and abandoned pet population for all pets no matter the species.  You can help the animals by letting city officials know of abandoned animals and that you are very interested in having this new pet ordinance rigorously enforced.  Please thank them and stay involved.

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Staying Strong in Rescue

“Staying Strong in Rescue”, presentation by Debby Widolf at the House Rabbit Society’s National Conference in San Diego, 2017.

Hello, it is my hope that this talk will be helpful to those in animal rescue work, no matter what the species.  You are welcome to share my talk as a learning tool.  Thank you all in rescue and animal care and advocacy for your courage and dedication.


Don’t Dump Rabbits, Las Vegas Update

This is a memorial poster for “Frances”, a lovely rabbit that was recently dumped at one of Las Vegas, NV.’s dumping sites for abandoned domestic rabbits.  The volunteers that come to feed, water and to help the seriously ill rabbits noticed her quickly as a newly dumped rabbit.  Being a new bunny on the block of a dumpsite where hundreds of rabbits are competing for sparse resources is even more life threatening when the rabbit is not a part of the established colony.  Frances was likely the last to get to eat the food left by volunteers.  She would not have been allowed to join others in burrows or places of relative safety in a place where few sites exists.  So many others in a strange unfriendly world competing for life.

Through the compassion of those doing their best to help the rabbits, Frances was brought to safety.  She was weak, dehydrated, frightened and close to death.  She tried to eat, live, but her body gave out and she left this world.  Frances deserved so much better.  We as the human species can do so much better.  Please, help the rabbits and those that risk their hearts to help them.

Visit: Rusty and Friends: Vegas Dumpsite Rabbits on Facebook. To donate to the veterinarian care of the LV rabbits: ❤ Debby

Billboard campaign announcement.


The billboard campaign has been a success!  Since the campaigns beginning two years ago there has been one large billboard on I-15 and multiple digital billboards throughout the city of Las Vegas, most recent a ten week run prior to Easter.  Thank you to all who believed and donated to the campaign.  The billboard campaign is now completed.  I am looking at plans to go forward with the goal to continue to help abandoned rabbits.

The website will stay active with news and resources, please continue to visit and contribute to the site by contacting:

With gratefulness,

Debby Widolf