Rabbitats trip, Vancouver, BC!

Just returned from a visit to Vancouver, BC, visiting Sorelle Campbell, founder of “Rabbitats”.  I share her mission to have colony rabbits spayed/neutered and moving them to safe, “micro sanctuaries” to live in large groups.  This recent article is about the sanctuary and shelter programs of Rabbitats.  Great work Sorelle and all the volunteers!

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“BUNFEST” is happening on September 17, 2016, sponsored by the Ohio House Rabbit Society Rescue in Columbus, Ohio.  I attended this event a few years ago and I can testify that it is a great day filled with everything bunny and pretty wonderful people too.  I will be giving a talk this year on “Staying Strong in Rescue”.  Hope to see you there!

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After twenty-eight months, start to finishing the brochure, my R.A.I.S.E art installation is complete.  Now what? I am hoping to have the installation shown to benefit rabbits and educate people.  The details about where, how to, who etc. will be worked out as inquiries and requests come in and we will see where it goes! Please help me share the work. Debby

See the brochure here.

Don’t Dump Rabbits is in Bunny Mad Magazine!


I am proud to say that Bunny Mad Magazine from the UK has published a short article I wrote about rabbit rescue! Please check it out on the Don’t Dump Rabbits website and Facebook page. Bunny Mad is a quarterly full color, glossy, beautifully laid out magazine filled with everything that is informative and fun about rabbits. I love this magazine.

The website is: http://www.bunnycreations.co.uk.

Email: bunnymadmagazine@hotmail.co.uk.

Hooray for the bunnies and thank you Lisa Hodgson, Editor of Bunny Mad.

Read the article Here.


Supplier notes

The PVC coated wire is a must for rabbit enclosures, the urine can rust out even the high grade hardware cloth or chicken wire.  Its easy to work with and it can be laid down on top of grass.  Chain link is also an option but its not as secure, or as easy to work with, the mesh is too wide.

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