“The Great Rabbit Rescue of 2006” by Lisa Carrara

SSPX1126I met Lisa in 2005 while working as Rabbit Manager of Best Friends Animal Society when she brought rabbits from Las Vegas to Best Friends for sanctuary care.  She was already a bunny advocate and rescuer.  Lisa and mom “Mary” volunteered at the “Great Bunny Rescue” in Reno, 2006 and we three worked together at the “ranch”.  Lisa is now a vet tech, and pretty special person!  Enjoy and learn from her experience.  Debby

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Reno Rabbit Rescue Tributes


This year, 2016, is the tenth anniversary of the Reno, NV. rabbit rescue in 2006.  I have asked several people to write about their experiences of working with and love for this extraordinary group of rabbits of over a thousand in number.

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If you are one of those that gave your time and heart to these rabbits I would love to read and post your story.  Contact me: Debby.