Reno Rabbit Rescue Tributes


The Beginnings of “The Great Rabbit Rescue”This year, 2016, is the tenth anniversary of the Reno, NV. rabbit rescue in 2006.  I have asked several people to write about their experiences of working with and love for this extraordinary group of rabbits of over a thousand in number.

If you are one of those that gave your time and heart to these rabbits I would love to read and post your story.  Contact me: Debby.

Debby Widolf

Debby Widolf Rabbit Department Manager at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary from 2004 to 2012. Debby is the founder of the website and has been a rabbit advocate and an Educator for the House Rabbit Society since 1998. Debby did the first on-site assessment with Clay Myers of the backyard colony in Reno, Nevada.

The Beginnings of “The Great Rabbit Rescue”

Michele Page

Michele Page, Rabbit Caregiver at Best Friends Animal Society, helped to care for over 300 of the Reno rabbits when a group came back to live out their lives in sanctuary at Best Friends. The poem “A New Day” was written after a difficult loss of one of Michele’s little buddies. Art work is by Kurt Robinson. She has also written “Working With The Yurt Rabbits” about her time with the Reno Rabbits at Best Friends.

Renee Puckett Phelps

In the spring of 2006, something happened that would forever change my life as I knew it. It wasn’t a birth, a death, a marriage, or any of the life events you would assume. What was it? Bunnies. Bunnies happened and they happened in a big way.

When Bunnies Happen


Lisa Carrara

I met Lisa in 2005 while working as Rabbit Manager of Best Friends Animal Society when she brought rabbits from Las Vegas to Best Friends for sanctuary care.  She was already a bunny advocate and rescuer.  Her and mom “Mary” volunteered at the “Great Bunny Rescue” in Reno, 2006 and we three worked together at the “ranch”.  Lisa is now a vet tech, and pretty special person!  Enjoy and learn from her experience.

My Experience with “The Great Rabbit Rescue of 2006”

Tim Patino, President/Volunteer Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary

Tim lets us all know the pain and joy when attempting to care for a large colony of rabbits in sanctuary and the far reaching effects on others that take responsibility when people “dump” their rabbits.” Debby


Don’t Dump Rabbits