Some supplier notes for some of harder to find elements of the rabbitats

Vinyl Coated 1″ 20 Gauge Hexagonal Wire 12″x150′ Black; Price: $25.50 : BLACK 12″ x 150′ Item #: 1035121507

The PVC coated wire is a must for rabbit enclosures, the urine can rust out even the high grade hardware cloth or chicken wire.  Its easy to work with and it can be laid down on top of grass.  Chain link is also an option but its not as secure, or as easy to work with, the mesh is too wide.

This local company had great deals on the acrylic roofing panels, $15 each or something like that.  They don’t really advertise them, I think they had a ton ordered for a project and not used, so just call and ask.  (8 and 10 ft)

New Image Contracting. (604) 597-45511831 184 St, Surrey, BC V3S 9V2

If you go for netting on the roof, a 4 inch mesh works the best because it lets the snow fall through without weighing it down and it doesn’t cause small birds to get tangled up in it.  Its hard to get, there’s only one company I’ve found in the western US, SeaMar. (Seattle Marine Netting).

We did use old fishing netting we found on craigslist, its workable for smaller rabbitats (in areas with no snow), but larger sanctuaries will be saved a lot of sagging, damage and wear with the larger mesh size.

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