About Us

The inception of this webpage began with “Rosebud”, a large white rabbit with a charcoal nose and paws. She was my first teacher and guide to learning about what rabbits are: sentient beings worthy of respect, able to capture one’s curiosity, imagination, wonder and heart.

My journey with Rosebud forged a road to more than twenty years of rabbit rescue. I began my work with rabbits as a volunteer educator for the House Rabbit Society, a national and international non-profit organization committed to education, rescue and adoption of domestic rabbits. I later took the position of Rabbit Department Manager at Best Friends Animal Society for 9 years, networking with rabbit rescues around the country to better the lives of rabbits. Shortly after taking the position at Best Friends, myself and a photographer did an onsite assessment of over 1,000 rabbits living in a  crisis situation.  As I took my first look into the backyard, my breath was taken away and my commitment to helping rabbits became a life’s work.

Through the years I have seen the popularity of rabbits as pets climb. Sadly, rabbits are now reported to be the most often abandoned pets after cats and dogs. Rabbit rescue groups are unable to keep up with the numbers of abandoned rabbits needing help. More education and services such as spay and neuters are desperately needed. Unfortunately rabbits are sometimes over-looked by the national animal welfare movement. The needs are great but together we can “move the needle” for rabbits.